How to Adjust Your Willy Vac

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How Can I Keep My Bilge From Smelling?

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The first line of defense against a smelly bilge is to keep all a parts of it clean and dry. This post discusses several other ways to combat a smelly bilge.

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Why Is It Important to Keep My Bilge Dry?

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Why is it important to keep my bilge dry? For starters, it looks better. But there many other reasons as well. Here’s one: To alert you to small water leaks and prevent big problems before it is too late.

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How Do I Keep My Bilge Dry?

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The truth is, you you can’t. The bilge is going to get wet, so you’re going to have to dry it out. But what is the easiest way for you to get it dry? First, let’s explore where the water comes from. Normally, the water that gets in the bilge is not coming from the ocean. The new style boats don’t inherently leak. Most new boats nowadays don’t take on much water. The shaft logs and the rudders don’t drip like they used to twenty years ago. With the new style seals, a boat can usually stay pretty dry.

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