About the Willy Vac®

Willy Vac® is a subsidiary of Wallace Marine Services, Inc., owned and operated by Bill Wallace.

The Willy Vac® was not developed overnight.

Being a hard-headed perfectionist, it took Bill several years to design the Willy Vac® system to his satisfaction. Bill wanted a vacuum that could vacuum up water and then pump it overboard; it would be plumbed through the boat like a central vacuum. Additionally, it had to be able to pump water out as fast as it vacuumed it in, be small, easy to clean, professional looking, easy to operate and most importantly, dependable. Bill knew if he could satisfy all these requirements, the yacht owners would find the Willy Vac® a necessity.

Make everyday tasks easier

The Willy Vac® is not only a tool for vacuuming up standing water in the trouble areas that every boat has; it is also a tool that:

  • Makes weekly bilge cleanings a cinch
  • Makes the dreaded generator zinc-change no problem
  • Eliminates the need to disassemble A/C strainers to give them a good cleaning
  • Can be used like a bilge pump

Choose your discharge location

By using the Willy Vac®’s selection valve, users can choose whether they send dirty water overboard or into a container.

This feature opens the Willy Vac® up for additional uses, such as:

  • If the engine needs work, the Willy Vac® can be used to vacuum coolant directly out of the engine and into a clean bucket. Once the engine work is completed, the coolant can be put back into the engine. Without a Willy Vac®, engine coolant is typically dropped into the bilge. Some coolant may be able to be captured out of the bilge, but it is likely that some will be lost in the bilge and eventually end up overboard, potentially harming the environment.
  • If the head gets stopped up, the Willy Vac® can be used to pump out the head. Once the head is fixed, the pumped-out fluid can be poured back into the head for processing as normal.

The Willy Vac® can do all the things listed above, and do them with no problem.

The pump inside is rated at 2,400 gallons per hour. The strainer basket is easily accessible for cleaning, making the system easy to operate and maintain. Willy Vac® is equipped with reliable sensors that monitor and regulate the flow of liquid through it. These sensors run the pump only when water is present; they also regulate the vacuum motor to keep the unit from over-filling. It also has an automatic mode that allows the unit to operate like a fully automatic bilge pump. Since Willy Vac® uses vacuum to pick up the water, it can get ALL of the water not just most of it! 

If you’re an owner who has not spent much time in the engine room, nor had to work on an engine or head system, then you may not fully appreciate the Willy Vac®. HOWEVER…

…If you ask your captain or mate what they think about the Willy Vac®, they’ll say something along the lines of, “Oh yeah! We need that!”

The Willy Vac® can be installed either during or after construction

The system is designed to be purchased and shipped directly to the boat. With basic electrical and plumbing knowledge, a captain and mate can install the Willy Vac®.

If purchased by a yacht builder, it can be plumbed throughout the boat in the building stages, making the Willy Vac® a little easier to operate.

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