Why Is It Important to Keep My Bilge Dry?

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For starters, it looks better. But there many other reasons as well. Here’s one.


To alert you to small water leaks

If you keep a dry bilge, it is much easier to see whenever you get a small leak somewhere in the boat. If you dry out the bilge on one day, then come to the boat the next day and see water, then you’ll know that water is coming into the boat somehow. If you simply leave water in the bilge and then let the bilge pump pick up as much as it can, you’ll always have water in the bilge, and you’ll never really know if you’ve got water coming in or not. Typically, a bilge pump is pretty quiet, and so you cannot hear it when you’re inside the boat. You can hear it when you’re right by it, but not when you’re inside the boat.

So if you rely strictly on bilge pumps, you could be taking on water or have a leaky fitting, and really not know it for quite some time. Also, if you do have water sitting in the boat, and you have a small oil leak or something like that, and a little bit of oil gets into the water, then everywhere that water goes is going to leave an oil residue.

Bill Wallace Wallace Marine Services, Inc. and Willy Vac® inventor
One of my Willy Vac® customers was getting ready to leave to go to the Bahamas, and his Willy Vac® kept turning on and off, on and off. So he went down into the engine room to investigate. He noticed a little trail of water running down into the bilge. The WIlly Vac would sense it, pick it up, and send it out. This kept happening repeatedly. So the captain followed the water back to the source and found a cracked fitting on an air conditioning water pump. The fittings was just about to break completely off. And he was leaving the next morning to go to the Bahamas! If that fragile fitting had broken off somewhere between the United States and the Bahamas, it would have caused a big problem. If this captain didn’t have a Willy Vac®, he would’ve never heard his bilge pumps turn on, and he would have never known he had an a/c problem until it was too late.”

How can the Willy Vac® help?

The Willy Vac® is one of the easiest ways to keep a dry bilge. Set the Willy Vac® into the automatic mode so it will work just like a bilge pump and pick up the water and pump it overboard any time of day. Want to learn more about the Willy Vac®? Please visit our Frequently Asked Questions page.